Auto Snow Sock

Auto snow sock will improve traction on snowy or icy surfaces. It is recommended that you take them off when you get back to road conditions where no snow or ice is present, e.g. dry toSock does not have the loud rattling and the bumpy ride which you associate with snow chains. Because there is no danger of damage to the vehicle structure they are approved for speeds up to 30mph, 50km/h; nevertheless your speed should of course be appropriate to the weather and road conditions.
Atli AutoSock can be used with all electronics safety systems such as; ESP, ASC+T, ASR, ABS. In difference to other traditional friction equipment, AutoSock improves the performance of the electronic safety systems as such.
They’re likely to be wet and probably dirty. Put them back in their storage bag – gloves are provided. When you get home, dry them and shake the dirt out, and then remember to put them back in the car for the next time!

Before the offer: we need to know how to know the snow sock
1. The different material: polyester fibre/ polypropylene fiber
2. The different weight per square meter, Or called the thickness.
3. The different waving pattern
4. the different design on the snow sock.
5. the different packing way.